Monday June 20th, 2011
Tory Lane, the popular adult actress who has starred in over 100 films, will appear at The Reddoor at 5301 E. Independence Blvd. on Saturday June 25th, where she will give away a complete RealTouch male intimacy system and other gifts.

The AVN Award-winning actress who most recently has starred in “In Your Dreams” and “This Ain’t Cougartown XXX” will sign autographs and pose for pictures at the store from noon to 3 pm. She’ll also participate in a giveaway of a RealTouch system that will air live on KISS 95.1 Radio.

The first 100 people at the Reddoor for her appearance will receive a free gift.

“I’m thrilled to be giving away a RealTouch,” says Ms. Lane. “This is an incredible device that lets men have virtual sex with me any way they want, and as everyone knows I want it any way.” The RealTouch device allows the user to manipulate proprietary haptic technology to simulate and “feel” sexual encounters with the stars they are watching on their computer screen in specially encoded video-on-demand clips.

Florida-born Tory Lane has been acting in adult films since 2004, when she was discovered working in a Hooters restaurant. She is best known for her work in the sub-genres of hardcore, gonzo and anal. She has a dual career as a exotic dancer, often touring gentlemen’s clubs and night clubs around the country as a featured dancer.
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Monday June 20th, 2011
Tabitha Stevens, the adult star who has been called the “craziest sex symbol on earth,” was the most requested performer in May by users of the high tech RealTouch interactive sexual simulation device. Her movie Total Interactive Control Of Tabitha Stevens was the most popular film for viewing on the device, which lets men “feel” the adult scene they are watching on their computer screen.

The other stars in the Top 10 list of stars most watched by RealTouch users were: Lexi Belle, Brandy Talore, Madison Parker, Lanny Barbie, Amy Ried, Cherokee Da’ Ass, Joanna Angel, Tera Patrick and Alexis Texas.

“There’s a good reason Tabitha and the word ‘legendary’ are so often used in the same sentence,” said RealTouch director of sales Scott Rinaldo. “It was as if our users couldn’t get enough of the scenes of her that we’ve encoded for RealTouch. Total Interactive Control of Tabitha Stevens from Third Degree Films was her first Interactive POV DVD and it is clear this is a category of movie that RealTouch owners appreciate.”

Other movies on the RealTouch most watched list for May were Hand To Mouth (Third Degree Films; Best Of Brandy Talore (Sensational Video); Su-Shemale (Platinum X Pictures); Suck It Dry 7 Part 2 (Evil Angel/Darkko Productions); About Face 2 (Third Degree Films); Mike Adriano’s My Fantasy Girls P.O.V. (New Sensations); InTERActive (Hustler/Teravision); and Jenna Jameson Is The Masseuse (Club Jenna).

The results for May include usage by men who purchased RealTouch for the first time on the retail market. Acclaimed by Howard Stern and other media personalities, it has been available only online up to now. Following a demonstration on his Sirius/XM show Stern said, “This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life!” Hustler magazine called RealTouch the “future of sex” and Fleshbot said, “It’s one of the most remarkable male sex toys we’ve ever seen.”
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Friday June 17th, 2011
RealTouch, the male intimacy device that lets men “feel” the adult scene they are watching on their computer screen, will be available by the end of June throughout the Castle Megastore Group, the leading western U.S. chain of adult stores. Prior to the rollout Scott Rinaldo, sales chief for RealTouch, conducted an intensive training session with store managers at the Castle Megastore headquarters in Tempe, Arizona.

“We are delighted that RealTouch will be available through Castle retail outlets, particularly since the stores place such a high premium on educating their customers on products that enhance intimacy and romance, which coincides perfectly with our own outlook,” said Mr. Rinaldo.

For over two decades, Castle has grown throughout the west coast with stores located in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Castle is known throughout the industry for the exceptional level of customer service, vast selection and inviting store environments. Stores range in size from 5,000 to 16,000 square feet and are designed carefully with the customers in mind. The corporate focus is to create a fun, friendly, shopping experience in stores that are safe and well lit.

RealTouch is being be sold in the Castle stores in a 4-color high gloss package, complete with a power supply, 3.5 ounces of lube and a DVD of 10 free videos that will work immediately with the consumer’s computer. The package also includes four free RealTouch VOD Sex Theater Male Enhancement videos. Mr. Rinaldo said RealTouch customized POS and POP materials for the Castle group, including window clings, standees, posters and bag stuffers.
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Wednesday June 8th, 2011
RealTouch, the male intimacy device that lets men “feel” the adult scene they are watching on their computer screen, has been nominated as the Hot Product of the Year for the 5th Annual STOREROTICA Awards. The awards recognize outstanding achievement in all areas of the erotic retail industry and are sponsored by STOREROTICA Magazine, the national trade publication for the owners and operators of adult retail stores and lingerie boutiques.

The STOREROTICA Awards will be presented at the ANME Founders Show, the industry’s premier B2B adult novelty tradeshow and convention, Monday evening, July 11, during the evening cocktail party at the ANME Founders Show taking place inside the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank, CA.

“We are honored to have been selected as one of the best erotic products of the year,” said RealTouch director of sales Scott Rinaldo. “It’s recognition of how truly innovative and technologically advanced RealTouch is. We’re also pleased because it coincides with the rollout of RealTouch in retail stores throughout the country. And, of course, it is available online through www.realtouch.com.”

RealTouch has received praise from popular media figures such as Howard Stern, who said after witnessing a demonstration on his Sirius/XM show, “This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life!” Hustler magazine called RealTouch the “future of sex,” while Fleshbot said, “It’s one of the most remarkable male sex toys we’ve ever seen.”

RealTouch is sold complete with a power supply, 3.5 ounces of lube and a DVD of 10 free videos that will work immediately with the consumer’s computer. RealTouch also includes four free Male Enhancement videos at the exclusive RealTouch Theater.
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All the best, easier to find

Thursday June 2nd, 2011
If you haven’t noticed, there have been some exciting changed in the RealTouch Theater available at RealTouchVideos.com. While every scene we have available for RealTouch is a top-notch choice for use with the device, many of our users has asked us to make it easier for them to find the best and most popular choices. In response to that request, we have done just that!

One of the ways we have is by moving the most watched scenes to the front of the theater where they will remain so that new customers and old don’t have to search through our expansive library to find the experiences to enjoy. We’ve also promoted scenes from the most popular stars to the front of theater for the same reason — to give customer easy access to the highest quality content.

Some of the popular stars you can expect to see include Bree Olsen, Lisa Ann, Sasha Grey and even Paris Hilton!

To see all of these hand-picked offerings, head over to RealTouchVideos.com and check out all of the best sellers today. With so many clips available, you may have missed the perfect scene or star that’s waiting for you.
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Tuesday May 17th, 2011
RealTouch, the male intimacy device that lets men “feel” the adult scene they are watching on their computer screen, is now being sold at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Hollywood and Adam & Eve™ adult stores nationwide. The two chains are the first major retailers to stock the popular interactive device that until now has been available only online.

AEBN, the leading video on demand distributor that markets the high tech device, said all 11 of the Hustler Hollywood stores are carrying RealTouch and so far it is in five Adam & Eve stores, with more being added each week.

“We hope to sell a ton of these!” said William Hall, Inventory Control Manager at Hustler Hollywood in Ft. Lauderdale.

“Initial reports from these two great chains indicate there’s a terrific demand for the device,” said Scott Rinaldo, RealTouch director of sales. “The floor displays are intriguing and well-designed, and customers immediately ‘get’ how it works. Many of them have heard about RealTouch already because of mentions by radio personalities like Howard Stern and great reviews on websites and in various magazines.”

RealTouch is being be sold in a 4-color high gloss package, complete with a power supply, 3.5 ounces of lube and a DVD of 10 free videos that will work immediately with the consumer’s computer. The package also includes four free Male Enhancement videos at the new RealTouch VOD Sex Theater.

Mr. Rinaldo said retailers are taking advantage of the RealTouch offer to customize POS and POP materials, including window clings, standees, posters and bag-stuffers.

He noted that RealTouch packages will include a convenience-oriented Quick Response (QR code) that will allow customers to instantly download onto their smart phones all the information they need about the unit.
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RealTouch Demos Coming to South Houston

Thursday May 12th, 2011
RealTouch will be making a special appearance this weekend in South Houston for the opening of Eros 1207, South Texas’s premiere adult toy store!

RealTouch manager Scott Rinaldo will be at the opening on Saturday, May 14th where he will be giving live demonstrations of RealTouch for attendees of the event. This is your chance to see the RealTouch in action and get a taste of its amazing abilities. Festivities start at 7pm and run through 11pm.

If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll come out and join us in celebrating Eros 1207′s grand opening!
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RealTouch Announces Software Development Kit Beta Program

Wednesday May 4th, 2011
RealTouch, the interactive sex device for men, has announced the immediate availability to selected developers of a beta release of a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the device. RealTouch is seeking qualified business partners to build RealTouch functionality into their products.

Partners who would like to integrate their existing products with the RealTouch device are invited to email developerinfo@realtouch.com to join the beta program. Qualified partners will be able to manipulate proprietary haptic technology to simulate sexual encounters with their own products. Potential opportunities include existing virtual worlds, online role playing games, chat programs, or any other technology where an online sexual interaction might be enhanced with RealTouch’s groundbreaking device.

The SDK features sample code and basic documentation to help developers get started. This development kit currently targets Windows/C++/Visual Studio 2010, Windows/C++/Visual Studio 2008 and C#/Silverlight. The RealTouch Development team uses these development tools to create new features for the RealTouch Network every day.

The SDK beta program is a second step to expand the possible uses of the RealTouch device and follows the release of the Content Development Kit (CDK) in February. The CDK provides the RealTouch video content standard to those who would like to encode their own adult videos for the RealTouch device.

“We’re excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community with potentially thousands of native applications for our growing RealTouch community,” said Scott Rinaldo, RealTouch Director of Sales. “Providing business partners with our technology will provide our customers with the best user experience and the most innovative sexual interaction applications in the industry.”

Starting today, anyone can reach out to the Development Team at RealTouch to request to join the beta RealTouch SDK group at no cost. During the beta RealTouch SDK program, a limited number of business partners will be accepted into the SDK beta program and provided a development key that will allow them to manipulate the controls of the RealTouch device. Members of the program will also have access to best effort support, as well as in-house QA testing when their application is ready for distribution.

The next phase of this technology push at RealTouch is to finalize a Developer Program that will provide developers with everything they need to create native applications, which can be sold to members of the RealTouch Network in the new Applications Store on realtouch.com. This phase is slated for later in 2011.
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The Sex Toy Double Standard

Friday April 29th, 2011
Via CrackInTheRoad.com, Joel Chima writes:
Sex Toys freak me out. Not least because the very idea of them eclipsing me in the bed room is a fairly scary thought, but also because the idea of a vibrating plastic thing doing what should in my opinion be a manual, sensual act is a bit of a turn off. Regardless of my opinions, female sex toys are a completely accepted phenomenon. The facts speak for themselves, according to a 2004 study, over 50% of the women asked said that they regularly used sex toys, with most women saying the toys were used during a relationship and that the device wasn’t used as a substitute for a partner. Furthermore, a whopping 90% of the women who said they used sex toys, also said they were open and honest about their ‘hobby’ to their partners and friends. Couple this with shops like Ann Summers, who have recently seen huge boosts in profits (19%), and it’s safe to say that the sex toy train has no chance of derailing anytime soon.

It all sounds rather healthy right? Sexually liberated women getting down and dirty with a vibrating piece of plastic might not be my ideal image, but I can see perfectly well why it could get some people off. More importantly it’s a completely acceptable thing to do, if anything it’s more of a taboo for a woman of the 21st century to be opposed to such ‘paraphernalia’.

With that in mind, picture this scene. You’re a young, attractive, city dwelling woman on a night out and a man catches your eye across the bar. He’s young, tall dark and handsome, who knows he might even have a mustache? Words are exchanged, you say seductive and sexy things like, “Did you know that a chicken lays an egg every single day!” (I know right??) or even “did you know that in Victorian times, whores wore pubic wigs?”. With facts as fascinating as that, you’ve pulled. So, able and willing, you totter back to his flat. You get through the front door; it’s not bad, definitely not bad enough to prematurely feel guilty about the imminent ‘casual sex’. You make it into his bedroom, his sheets are clean, always a bonus, things are generally going well: and then you see it. A large, fleshy looking tube shaped device otherwise known as a ‘Flesh Light’ (other sex toys are available).

Now we get to a cross road, a cross road that 9 times out of 10 leads to the revealing of the ‘sex toy double standard’, a phenomenon that has intrigued me of late. Whether we like it or not there’s a massive stigma attached to the very idea of a male sex toy. Band the idea around a group of friends and the same words tend to come up; creepy, sad or the well-known phrase “get a life you fucking weirdo and try getting laid”. It’s simply not acceptable for a man, such as myself, to get freaky with his own self-fulfilling piece of wonder plastic. The natural reaction is to assume that these attitudes are caused because a small minority is actually using them, but this isn’t necessarily true. More and more men seem to be purchasing these sorts of male orientated products, yet despite their increased popularity the prejudice towards their use is still as prevalent.

So why is this? For me it comes down to 3 things: the nature of the male orgasm, the nature of the toys themselves and finally the way society thinks men tend to view sex. Lets start with the male organism. I think we can all agree that as a rule, the male orgasm is pretty shit; it’s short, comes out of nowhere and can’t be experienced again without a re-charge period. The fact that a man would want to go to such lengths to heighten something that isn’t great to begin with, compared to a female orgasm, is for me where all the problems start. As well as this, the way of stimulating an orgasm is pretty much limited to one physical action, again compared to a female orgasm with a variety of methods, the male experience looks a tad rubbish in comparison.

The main problem it seems stems from the toys themselves however. Whichever way you look at it, flesh lights are creepy. Its not like a dildo that comes in all shapes and sizes, a flesh light looks like a vagina, and a fucking scary one at that. The primary aim of the flesh light it seems isn’t to necessarily create pleasure for pleasures sake, but more to replicate the idea of being in a woman/man. Sure, dildos often replicate penises, but its more what it does, than what it looks like while it’s doing it. In contrast, when buying a flesh light you’re offered a choice of which orifice you prefer, with even the option of going for a cast of a famous porn-star now available. When put like this, the description of ‘creepy’ might not seem so harsh.

But regardless, I think that if male sex toys are ever to be accepted, we need to re-evaluate how ‘we’ view sex. Now obviously I’m not asking for a group huddle to create a plan of action, but if this ‘sex toy double standard’ is ever to be shaken, the stereotypical throwaway attitude we assume men have towards sex needs to leave with it. As a rule, society assumes that women have a more emotional outlook towards sex, environmentally this might be true, but scientifically it’s anything but. Scientific American’s Martin Portner came to the conclusion that women actually shut down in emotion-processing regions during arousal and orgasm. So this position that men want a pump and a squirt, while woman enjoy the solitary, emotional pleasure of a rampant-rabbit induced orgasm, scientifically holds no weight.

So after all this waffle, what should we do? Well if the female sex toy revolution is anything to go by, we should fully embrace the idea of the male sex toy. A world without preconceived ideas about sexuality and the ‘dos and don’ts’ that accompany them can only be a good thing. So while you all get on with sexually liberating yourselves, I’m going to stand back and find the whole thing really fucking creepy.
We at RealTouch, of course, agree that men should fully embrace the idea of male sex toys. But further than that, they should embrace the entire experience that a good device like RealTouch can offer. What are you waiting for?
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Friday April 15th, 2011
Beautiful blonde Ashlynn Brooke, a porn star with a classic girl-next-door look, was the most popular actress among users of the RealTouch male intimacy device in March.

The honor is just the latest for the Choctaw, Oklahoma-born Ms. Brooke, who was named earlier this year by CNBC as one of the 12 most popular stars in porn. RealTouch users get to have a simulated sexual experience with her as they watch her in a video on demand clip that syncs with the device.

Other stars on the RealTouch Top 10 list for March were regular favorites Lisa Ann, Nicole Ray, Sasha Grey, Bree Olson, Jenna Haze, Penny Flame, Alexis Texas, and Cytherea. A new contender for a coveted position in the list is European dream girl, Monica Sweetheart.

“Our research indicates that RealTouch users are generally well educated, affluent, early adopters of new technology and ideas, so they are discerning when selecting their favorites. While certain stars will always seem to dominate the charts, it’s great to see our users create new favorites with solid talent like Monica Sweetheart,” said RealTouch sales manager Scott Rinaldo. “RealTouch is creating an entirely new fan-base for these stars, as consumers get to experience them in a new way”.

The Top 10 movies watched by RealTouch users in March were “Multiple P.O.V” from Vouyer Media studio; “Sex Fiends No 5” from Platinum X Pictures; “POV Centerfolds 7” from Zero Tolerance; “Teen Hitchhikers 6” from Cinemaplay Entertainment; “It’s A Daddy Thing 5” from Elegant Angel Productions; “Stuffed Petite” from Overboard Video’ “Busty P.O.V.” from Elegant Angel Productions; “Sex Fiends No 5” from Platinum X Pictures; “Schoolgirl P.O.V. 6” from New Sensations; and “P.O.V. Punx 2” from Burning Angel.

Ranked by studio the Top 10 included Zero Tolerance, New Sensations, Third Degree Films, Elegant Angel Productions, Jules Jordan Video, Platinum X Pictures, Vouyer Media, Overboard Video, Digital Sin and Red Light District.
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